About Me

Daghang salamat sa pag bisita! I am Waren web designer from Cebu, Philippines.

A hard working person with creative ideas and able to troubleshoot problems specially on your website. I specialize in front-end web development and basic graphic designs for your website banners, calling cards and flyers.

I was Born in Bayog, Zamboanga Del Sur and grown in Cebu. I am Married and has no child yet.

When I graduated at Josrika Computer Training Center, a TESDA Accredited school, me and my friend Leo was sent by our teacher to a private company that offers Web Design and web hosting services in Cebu.

Because of my hard-work and dedication I stayed for my employer for 9 years.

Everytime I have doubts and queries on how to do with my task I just find the answers on my own through internet. I also manage my time taking time to study during my free time at work.

Those years working with my previous employer was very challenging because in some years I was the only one working for all new projects, updates for existing clients, troubleshoot email problems and even assisting web hosting issues. Though it was hard I was still able to manage all the tasks.

After 9 years of working for them, I decided to quit and make my own source of income by working at home.

How many websites you already created?

I started creating websites since 2009 and created almost 200 hundred websites. Most of them are starter businesses like real estates and I also did some other medium companies like bakeshops, hotel and resorts, and travel agencies.

What programming language you are using?

I used PHP because for me it is the most reliable programming language for creating websites.

Do you used CMS or content management system?

Yes, I prefer WordPress because it is very easy to customize, and it helps me work faster.